Writing my first iOS App

Recently ive been teaching myself Objective-C, Lynda.com tutorials and other Youtube videos have been a great help in my progress so far.

In my spare time I am currently developing an iPhone and iPad universal Location Finding application. I am very new to the language so I will mainly be using the frameworks that are provided as part of XCode, in this case specificially CoreLocation and MapKit Frameworks. The idea for this app is that anyone that travels a lot likes to know information about where they currently are, sometimes more that just what is available in Google Maps. I intend to provide a map view of the users current location and as much information as I can gather from the phones GPS unit, this feature is really more for the 'geek' inside everyone that wants to know things like lattitude,longditude,altitude,speed and more complex readings.

The second aim of the app is to provide a 'Heads up Display' (HUD) style interface that can be positioned below the users windscreen and will show their speed at night by reflecting into their view. There are applications already like this and I would like to challenge myself to produce a free application that has many of their features.

I am currently in the early stages of development and aim to submit the application to the app store within the next few months.

Screen Shot 2011-11-13 at 22.41.27

This is the current XCode interface file for the iPhone version of the application. I feel it is simple but also provides information that could be valuable to a variety of people, whether you just want to know your exact location or if you are a walker that needs to know your course or heading.

Screen Shot 2011-11-13 at 22.46.44

The iPad version above as of yet does not have the same amount of information as the iPhone version but im trying to find a way of displaying the data that doesnt ruin the map view that looks fantastic on the iPads display.

Screen Shot 2011-11-13 at 22.50.48

An example of the data that can be retrieved using the CoreLocation framework can be shown in the example above, the data is being generated based on XCode simulating a freeway drive. The speed is only half of what it should be as I am showing it raw which displays in metres per second.

© Jonathan Field 2011