Gregynog 2011

I attended the Aberystwyth University department of Computer Science's careers weekend yesterday. The weekend consisted of mock interviews, cv tips, team working exercises and industrial year talks. The weekend was really worth while as it gave me good advice from the people that know best, I am now following many of the industrialists on Twitter.

I had 2 mock interviews, one was a panel interview but in a group situation, it was quite nervy having your CV disected and having technical questions being asked of you with 10 other people watching. It was all a good test of what I might come up against on a real interview panel.

The other interview was more direct and taken by a software developer and an ex Head of Department, I felt they were very understanding and tended to ask constructive questions that were aimed at more gaining an insight of your general Computer Science based knowledge. They were very knowledgable and were a great source of information and provided great advice to me about my CV.

Next step is to start apply for industrial year placements.

© Jonathan Field 2011