Creative Block

Havent really made much progress with the iOS application today, have searched around the appstore to see if there are similar applications and havent really found anything that either looks as appealing or delivers the same amount of information as the WIP 'Location+'. 

I dug out Pixelmator 2.0 to have a change of pace and start working on designing the splash screens and icons, art really isnt my best subject and its really quite hard to find inspiration, also when you have an idea in your head and really cant work out how to turn that into reality is quite challenging.

The application is for iPhone and iPad so will require 2 splash screens for the iPhone one at 960 x 640 pixels , the other at 480 x 320 pixels. The application icons for the  iPhone are at 57 x 57 pixels for the standard models and 114 x 114 pixels for devices that support the retina display. An interesting scenario is how Apple are going to bring in a larger screen size e.g. 4.0 inches instead of 3.5 inches without the operating system becoming fragmented like Android, the stance that Apple have taken so far has meant that by developing your application for iPhone that you are simulataniously developing for iPod touch and you have iPad compatability in 2x mode as well. Having to specify another view or extra splash screens really would be a pain but how they can just increase the pixel count again without squewing the resolution is going to be really interesting to see.


Here is the basic outline for the iPad splash screen so far, thinking that I want the gradient to be perhaps a dark grey with some black instead of blue, then maybe have white text ontop of it and a gloss effect. I really wish I was a lot more creative with things like this as it is quite a challenge at the moment. On the plus side, the newly released Pixelmator 2.0 takes all the good features of Photoshop and puts them in a small and affordable package, it also looks great and does feel intuitive even for someone like me that cant design their way out of a paper bag!

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