863 Downloads in 3 and a bit days

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Location+ still doing a lot better than I ever expected, 863 downloads so far hoping to 1000 when the figures are release on iTunes Connect later this afternoon. I have submitted and resubmitted an update to Location+ 3 times as I have kept fiddling with it, the current version really looks a bit boring compared to the newer version that I hope will be approved by the end of the week latest. 

The new version has had quite a few tweaks, UI Tweaks, no longer shake to show more just press the button that looks like a bar chart, then a speed view and the ability to drop pins on the map, the pin will show the latitude and longitude of wherever you dropped it so you can compare it your current location or also find latitude and longitude to put into your satnav. Over Christmas the next updates are going to be creating a custom bubble for when you hit the pin and show the reverse geocoded data for the address and postcode of wherever you drop the pin. The easiest way of doing this has been deprecated in iO5, its MKReverseGeocoder, I had a test of it last night and it does work but its a lot of work to get the Custom Callouts working and I dont want to use a deprecated method as I will probably get the App rejected by Apple if it is used.

Some images of the update, Location+ v1.1 should be available on the App Store by the end of the week if Apple have no problems with it.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 27 Nov 2011 11.20.50

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