LocationPRO (Objective-C) (iPhone/iPad)

The 'PRO' version of Location+ with extra features


Think GPS Device Data, Combined with Maps.

LocationPRO is a Multifunctional Advanced Location Data and Navigation Application for iOS. Works with both iPhone and iPad.

What can I use it for?- Cyclist wanting to see how fast they can go- Driving a known route but want to be able to see the road without an annoying sat nav- Saving locations as pins to make a personal map- Finding latitude and longitude coordinates for the emergency services- Lost and need to know which town or city you are in- Need to draw a route on a map for a friend

The list of possible uses is endless, LocationPRO is there when you need it, try it today!

LocationPRO is simple to use and has a wide array of features that everyone can find useful.

See a video demo at http://locationpro.jonathanfield.me/locationpro.htmlFor Guides, How-To's and Support http://locationpro.jonathanfield.me

Feel free to request new features or help athttp://locationpro.jonathanfield.me/support.htmlFeatures:Course displayDirection displayAltitude DisplaySpeed Display

Breadcrumb trail- Enable breadcrumb to draw a line as you travel.- Export the map with your trail and show your friends exactly how to get to you

Distance travelled display- Enable distance display to see how far away you are from your starting position- Please note this setting assumes you are moving away from your starting location

Rotate map with compass heading- See the map at the same angle that you see whats ahead of you

Dedicated speedview-Fullscreen speed display in MPH and KPH

On the fly map style change-Standard-Satellite-Hybrid

Geolocation data, find out exactly where you are in the world-Street-Town-Area-State/County-Administrative Area-Postal/Zip Code-ISO Country Code-Country

Advanced location data, when you need more precise location information-Latitude-Longitude-True North-Direction North, East, South, West-Magnetic North-Current Speed in MPH, KPH and MPS-Calculated time to travel 1,50 and 100 miles-Altitude in feet, meters and miles-Small map of your current location

Pin drop data-Display the address information for any location on the map with a simple pin drop-Display advanced location information for any location (as much as is available)-Display the distance of the pin from your current position-Save and name pins-Street-Town-City/County-Administrative Area/State-Postal/Zip Code-Latitude-Longitude-Distance from current location

iCloud or device stored custom map-Name and save pin locations for future reference, for instance where you are parked or location of an item in a store-Enable iCloud data and document storage to save pins between iOS devices-If iCloud is not enable your pins will be saved to your iPhone or iPad-Reset your pins from the menu

Drawing view-Draw on the map with your finger-Draw directions on the map and then export to Twitter, Email, Photo Album or Print via AirPrint

Export map to twitter with current location-Tweet a prepared tweet of your current location and a picture of your current map

Export map via email - attached link to Google Map locationExport to saved photo albumPrint map via AirPrint

Please note- iPad 3G required to take advantage of dynamic location updates such as speed.- 3G data connection required for maxmium performance but still accurate with 2G- LocationPRO does use cellular data for advanced location data.

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