Location+ (Objective-C) (iPhone/iPad)

Location+ is my first iPhone app, the best thing about it is its simplicity.

Firstly let me start by saying that this application is the first stage in the kernel of an idea, I am not somebody that uses an application like this for anything more than out of fun or curiosity, so if you have feedback or an issue or want to request a feature use the Contact Me page of this website and I will reply to you!


For some people Google Maps is just not enough, what Location+ does is to take the user tracking and mapping ability of Google Maps and blend it with precise location information provided by the iPhone's GPS unit and digital compass.

This application has many potential uses, whether you spend a lot of time walking and would benefit from seeing your orientation or speed. Or perhaps you just want to see where exactly you are when you are on a bus. There is some feature for everyone.

All you need to do is start the App!

Location+ tracks constantly adjusts the map to show your current location and the location information is constantly updated to give you the information you need.


Need more information?

As you can see, im not the fastest walker, this shows the accuracy of the iPhone's sensors, the area I was standing in here is actually a backpath between 2 roads, it really is very accurate!

The iPad version is designed for the iPad with 3g but will still work over WIFI but you wont be able to get any accurate readings, you will still get your latitude and longitude.


Like I said above, if you have any thoughts on how to improve the application please Contact Me, you will get a reply!

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