Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from some of our customers, we hope these give you the answer to your question, if not feel free to contact us!

Why should i choose you?

You should choose us as we offer great re-payments for your initial investment, you could be returning profit in just 8-12 Days! No matter how big or how small of an investment, we're here to make sure that you make more than what you put into us... Period.

When will I see my first earnings?

We expect you to see earnings in the first seconds, you can request a payout instantly after you have purchased power. It really all depends on your initial investment with us!

What is the duration of my mining contract?

Your nanohash mining contract will run for lifetime.

When can i withdraw my money?

After ordering mining power from nanohash you will instantly see your earnings by refreshing the dashboard. From this point you are able to withdraw money every 12 hours, the minimum amount to withdraw is $1.00. You do not have to wait at all to withdraw money.

For how long are my free 15 kH/s available?

Your 15 free kH/s will never expire.