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Our services, for you

Unlike our competitors, we offer a lot more, for the price you pay! With us you don't have to pay for the "add-ons" as we don't have "add-ons" everything comes as standard!


No hidden fees

You will never receive any hidden fees with us. No maintenance fees. Nothing... Nothing at all.


Easy to use

With our easy to use panel, Bitcoin mining just got simple... Very simple.


Daily payouts

Receive 0,3-1% of your investment, every 12 hours! Meaining you could be returning profit in no time at all.


Referral bonus

Get up to a 25% bonus from everyone you refer who invests with us! Increase your payouts with ease.


24/7 Support

With 24/7 live support any problems you may face, be it over the phone, email or live chat your problems will be solved with ease.



With datacenters around the world, we keep our utility costs down and our mining power up!

Datacenters around the world

With data-centers world wide, we keep our bills low, there for making your mining cheaper and more cost effective, whilst maintaining a 100% up-time. With no maintenance fees, you can't go wrong! We are located in Russia, Germany and Iceland.

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