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Jonathan Field is a 4th year Computer Science Student at Aberystwyth University, originally from Wiltshire he moved to Aberystwyth in 2010 to undertake a 4 year course.

During his studies he undertook a 14 month internship with GE (General Electric) working in a range of fields both technical and non technical to gain as much experience as possible. Jonathan is highly passionate about technology, his favourite tech company is Apple but he is interested in almost everything technology. He particularly enjoys building his own Computers from scratch.

As part of his Computer Science course, Jonathan learned to program, originally in PERL & Java. After 15 months of working with Java Jonathan took an interest in creating mobile applications, specifically iPhone and iPad applications. Over a period of 2 months, Jonathan taught himself Objective-C and Cocoa Touch SDK, this enabled him to develop and release his first iOS Application (Location+) on the App Store, to date the application has had over 70k downloads and reached position #14 in the UK Navigation App Store Chart and was also selected to be in the US ‘What’s Hot Section’ . In addition to Location+, Jonathan released a ‘PRO’ version of the same application called LocationPRO that follows the same concept but adds additional features.

Jonathan intends to rewrite a new unified version of the application using a newer toolset and improved skills that have been gained during his internship with GE. In addition to his personal applications, Jonathan also created 4 iOS Applications while working with GE (General Electric).

Outside of Technology, Jonathan enjoys watching and playing football and also TV + Film.


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