JFOpenWeatherMapManager Now Available on CocoaPods!

By | January 29, 2014

The iOS / Mac OS X , Objective-C wrapper for the Open Weather Map API that I wrote (JFOpenWeatherMapManager) is now available as a Cocoa Pod.

pod ‘JFOpenWeatherMapManager’

Cocoapods provide a dependancy manager for 3rd party library code on Apple platforms. Similar to Gems in Ruby.

To install Cocoa Pods

  1. Install Homebrew (Instructions here)
  2. Install RVM
  3. Install Ruby Gems (If not installed)
  4. Install Cocoapods (sudo gem install cocoapods : at the terminal)
  5. From the terminal run – pod setup
  6. Navigate to your project working directory from the terminal
  7. From the terminal run – sudo nano Podfile
  8. Add your required Pods and Configuration info (Instructions here)
  9. If you want to use the JFOpenWeatherMapManager add, pod ‘JFOpenWeatherMapManager’ to your Podfile
  10. Press CTRL-O to Save the Podfile in Nano
  11. When back at the Terminal, run pod install (This will download the dependencies that you have entered)
  12. Look for a new file called YourProject.xcworkspace (You should always open the workspace as Cocoapods creates another project which will act as a framework)

You can of course continue to the use the regular static version of the JFOpenWeatherMapManager library which can be found here

Some useful links

  1. Homebrew
  2. CocoaPods
  3. JFOpenWeatherMapManager Github
  4. OpenWeatherMap API
  5. Cocoapods Video Tutorial (Easiest way to learn)

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