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Screentaker is a must have app for any iOS Developer. You may have seen screenshot of app’s in the past where a screenshot is contained inside the frame of an iOS device. Screentaker allows you to do this very quickly and easily, without the need to break out Photoshop or Sketch (My personal favourite editor, Sketch).

Screentaker has a number of predefined templates e.g. iPhone 5 White, iPad Mini Black, iPhone 4 with hand holding it. They also have a plugin’s system for which add-ons can be found on their website.

One of my favourite features is the ability to do batch processing, this is a really big time saver.

Screentaker is available on the Mac App Store here (OSX only at the moment) for £2.99 or $4.99 respectively.

It’s worth a try, it really allows you to create pitches/websites/advertising that looks fantastic and I am sure it will become an important part of your workflow.

New Personal Website & Blog

Digital Ocean Pricing

It’s been a long time since I made an update to of any kind. This is for a number of reasons, firstly I have just completed a 14 month IT Internship with GE (General Electric), I’ve been kept very busy and haven’t had much time to myself.

Secondly, the CMS like software that I choose originally ( was limiting and to be honest I did not really get on with it.

About a week ago I received the notification from my previous web host ‘GoDaddy’ that my domain and web hosting were coming up for renewal. I had the standard hosting package and as expected, the third renewal fee for hosting was £110, up from £40 the first year. To be fair the service provided by GoDaddy so far has been good but the elevated cost and the fact that their CEO shot an elephant (Is this the worst branding ever? GoDaddy boss Bob Parsons filmed …) was enough for me to look to move away.

I had seen a lot of advertising from Digital Ocean of late and had played around with their ‘Droplet’ Virtual Machines. They spin up in 55 seconds and are very reasonably priced, starting at $5 a month for 1 CPU with 512mb RAM. Long story short, the post that you are now reading is being hosted on exactly that. This post should be viewable very shortly, the DNS for the new Domain Registrar is currently propagating.

I wrote a blog post tutorial on CLGeocoder in Cocoa (Objective-C) a couple of years ago and it was very popular so I am planning on creating useful but straight forward tutorials in the future.