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JFOpenWeatherMapManager Now Available on CocoaPods!

The iOS / Mac OS X , Objective-C wrapper for the Open Weather Map API that I wrote (JFOpenWeatherMapManager) is now available as a Cocoa Pod. pod ‘JFOpenWeatherMapManager’ Cocoapods provide a dependancy manager for 3rd party library code on Apple platforms. Similar to Gems in Ruby. To install Cocoa Pods Install Homebrew (Instructions here) Install RVM Install Ruby Gems (If not installed) Install Cocoapods (sudo gem install cocoapods : at… Read More »

Macbook Air Samsung vs LG Display GUI App

I recently purchased a Macbook Air 13″ mid 2013 , 1.3GHZ Core i5 with 8GB ram as a secondary machine. When it arrived, I found there was a scratch on the aluminium, I rang Apple and they said they would send a replacement within 10 days. I used the computer up until then and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the display in the Macbook Air, as this had… Read More »

Objective-C OpenWeatherMap API Wrapper – JFOpenWeatherMapManager for iOS and Mac OSX

JFOpenWeatherMapManager for iOS provides a quick and easy, drop in component to consume and manipulate the Open Weather Map API directly as Objective-C objects, no casting required. Weather data can be retrieved in a couple of lines of code with the help of a Block. OpenWeatherMap provide a free* API for downloading the latest weather data, such as temperature, wind speed etc. The API can be consumed in various forms,… Read More »


In this day and age we are all storing more and more important information online, everything from banking to social media, it all has a value. For that reason it is imperative that you secure access to this information as well as you can. There are many different ways to do this such as two factor authentication but one good practise that everyone should adopt is using ‘strong’ passwords. A… Read More »


Screentaker is a must have app for any iOS Developer. You may have seen screenshot of app’s in the past where a screenshot is contained inside the frame of an iOS device. Screentaker allows you to do this very quickly and easily, without the need to break out Photoshop or Sketch (My personal favourite editor, Sketch). Screentaker has a number of predefined templates e.g. iPhone 5 White, iPad Mini Black,… Read More »