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JFOpenWeatherMapManager Now Available on CocoaPods!

The iOS / Mac OS X , Objective-C wrapper for the Open Weather Map API that I wrote (JFOpenWeatherMapManager) is now available as a Cocoa Pod. pod ‘JFOpenWeatherMapManager’ Cocoapods provide a dependancy manager for 3rd party library code on Apple platforms. Similar to Gems in Ruby. To install Cocoa Pods Install Homebrew (Instructions here) Install RVM Install Ruby Gems (If not installed) Install Cocoapods (sudo gem install cocoapods : at… Read More »

New Personal Website & Blog

It’s been a long time since I made an update to of any kind. This is for a number of reasons, firstly I have just completed a 14 month IT Internship with GE (General Electric), I’ve been kept very busy and haven’t had much time to myself. Secondly, the CMS like software that I choose originally ( was limiting and to be honest I did not really get on… Read More »